Eco Insulation

Insulating your house, office building, commercial building just makes sense.

Most older buildings in New Zealand were constructed without insulation. Cold, damp and draughty houses not only waste energy, but also provide health risks for those living and working in them. Insulation is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to improve your existing building - or the building you are planning - to ensure it is energy efficient, has increased comfort and is healthy for now and the future.

We offer a range of thermal and acoustic insulation options including our own ecofleece and ecotherm ranges as well as the extensive range of products from Knauf Insulation. Most residential insulation installed in New Zealand buildings are made from fibres bound together (creating a matt of fibres) to trap air, thus creating the thermal resistance - resisting the flow of heat which provides benefits both in summer and winter. The higher the "R-Rating" the more resistance to heat flow - the better your building will perform.

Our service includes installation, throughout New Zealand.

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